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Behind all great speakers is a great public speaking coach ...

Are you looking for one on one personalised coaching to help tell a more memorable story with confidence and an unforgettable message?

Public Speaking Coach Sydney

My mission as a public speaking coach Sydney is to help speakers uncover their full potential. All my packages are personalised and unique to your personal situation and goals.

I take great pride in working with you to uncover your stories, to reveal your hidden diamonds, and to ignite your passion and deeper purpose in the sharing of your Signature Story. If you want your audience to know you better, share your story and they will.

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Public Speaking Training

Do you often dread public speaking or having to stand up and present in front of an audience, but it’s a major part of your role or is the difference between your career stalling or progressing?

No matter your profession I can personalise my coaching to best suit your needs …

Public Speaking Training

How Public Speaking Coaching Works

One-on-One coaching provides personalised attention to you and your specific needs to improve your public speaking skills and better help you tell a more memorable story with an unforgettable message. Which is one of very important to engage and captivate an audience.

Through personalised and customised coaching, your progress will be fast tracked and provide your story all the attention it deserves to make it a World Class Presentation.

Personalised one-on-one coaching is a strong and unique partnership between the public speaking coach Sydney and client which exists for the sole purpose of fostering and supporting your success in implementing new skills, tools and processes.

The major role of our public speaking coach Sydney is to provide a disciplined approach to creating permanent breakthroughs for you.

How Coaching Will Benefit You

Whether you are someone who represents your company at business meetings, or even a professional full-time speaker, my public speaking coach Sydney sessions can greatly benefit you.

Public Speaking Coach Sydney Australia

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Everyone is unique.

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that’s right for you …


Uncover the gems in your story and shape them into a signature presentation.


Craft your unique message into an unforgettable Signature Story.


Rehearse your Signature Story presentation and fine-tune the details.


Review your live presentation and receive feedback from Jennifer.

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You can do it and Jennifer can help.

Packages begin at $395. With a tailored package, an estimate will be provided based on

your specific presentation, speech or proposal.