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My mission is to work with you to uncover your stories, to reveal their hidden diamonds, and to ignite your passion and deeper purpose in the sharing of your Signature Story. If you want your audience to know you better, share your story and they will.

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How Coaching Works

One-on-One coaching is one-on-one personalised attention to your specific needs to help you tell a more memorable story with an unforgettable message.

Personalised and customised coaching will fast track your progress and give your story all the attention it deserves to make it a World Class Presentation.

Personalised one-on-one coaching is a strong and unique partnership between coach and client which exists for the sole purpose of fostering and supporting the client’s success in implementing new skills, tools and processes.

The major role of the coach is to provide a disciplined approach to creating permanent breakthroughs for the client.

Why Coaching Works

When you book a coaching session with me, I will assist you to discover and unfold your unique stories. Most clients are surprised and excited to discover their personal stories.


Working with you, I encourage you and show you step by step how to use and share your stories with greater passion and purpose in your personal and business life. The use of the right story is far more powerful than most people realise. It has the ability to create an emotional connection with your audience. Your audience can relate and the facts you present become far more memorable.


Via a story each person can draw individual meaning relevant to their own life. In a sense the story is like a mirror, reflecting aspects of the person’s own life experience and lessons.


As my granddaughter, Isabella said in her hand made birthday card to me, “Every story worth telling has you in it, Nanny.”

My conviction is that every story worth telling will have your audience members in it. As you uncover and work with the core truths of your stories, they inevitably will touch and connect with your audience at a deeper level, because via story you also reveal something of your own personality.

When you retell stories you actually incorporate the wisdom of the reflection, which further deepens their impact and relevance.

My strategic role as your coach

As your personal support coach I will challenge your thinking provide a simple process you can follow offer support and follow-up give you a gentle yet firm push when you get off track provide impartial and independent advice and maintain privacy of the issues discussed.

As your Coach, I offer an independent third-party viewpoint. I act as ‘the eye’ of the audience. I come from a totally different perspective – not as family or friend – but as a professional who cares deeply to work with you to develop your unique Signature Story. Respect and confidentiality are assured during our process.

As your coach, I see parts of your Signature Story that I know will resonate with your audience on a far deeper level. We work together in investigating these parts and details.

I will challenge your thinking; provide a simple process you can follow; offer support and follow-up; give you a gentle yet firm push when you get off track; provide impartial and independent advice; and maintain privacy of the issues discussed.

What works exceptionally well in my coaching style, is the ability to see beyond your ‘events’ and ‘situations’ to the more profound meaning. This then becomes the reason to tell your story.When that is discovered, you will find your enthusiasm to tell your story grows to a new level.

Customised Coaching works in your favour with every consideration given regarding your target audience. When I tap into your real WHY, then I tap into your purpose for sharing your story.

As your coach I will use innovative and proven “Mirror Your Message Method” and Story Selling techniques that I have developed.

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What coaching packages include

Mining Package

The mining session is all about consulting with you to map the outline of your Signature Story. As your coach I will review any of your existing material, such as scripts or videos. We will discuss the outcome you intened to seek from your audience then develop unique language to suite your target audience through your presentation.

Refining Package

The refining session is all about defining the details in your Signature Story. We will focus on developing the storyline, the main characters and themes of your message which are to be captured in a Foundational Phrase. Together, we will shape the outline of your presentation so that your message hits home.

Defining Package

The defining session is all about rehearsing your stage-craft for the perfect delivery of your Signature Story. We will work on your vocal projection, use of body language and other presentation techniques that will make your story memorable and help you better sell your products or services. In addition, as your coach, I will prepare you to run an engaging Q&A sesssion with your audience with confidence.
Bonus Package

My bonus offer, should you select the 3 packages, is to receive written feedback at one of your live events if in Sydney. Otherwise my airfare and accommodation are paid if outside of Sydney. This bonus is invaluable to your presentation as I gauge the audience, their responses and I ask for their feedback. This enables me to see firsthand what works and what needs tweaking to create even more success for you in the telling of your Signature Story.

What is a Signature Story?

A story well-told will create deep connection with your audience.

I liken life to a mountainous terrain. As we journey, we encounter small hills, steep mountains and deep valleys. Whatever our background or barriers, it is how we navigate the terrain of our own life that forms the basis of our Signature Story.

Rags to riches; tragedy to triumph. Whatever is your experience is yours to tell and share. It is your unique Signature Story and there is no other person who can own it as you do.

Your Signature Story belongs to you and carries your fingerprint and style.

Your Signature Story is your personal journey through life’s terrain and the inevitable peaks and valleys that come with it.

If you want your audience to know you, share your story and they will know you better.

Your Signature Story reveals you to your audience and allows them to connect with you at a deeper level.

You will be remembered long after you walk off the stage. But perhaps even more importantly, your audience will be left with the gift of the message and lesson from your Signature Story.

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