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Public Speaking Coach

I began Talk Trainers over a decade ago. Today my business has evolved into Jennifer Leone, The Speaker’s Coach. During these years I have established a reputation in the industry as ‘the coach who gets to the heart of a story’.

But it has not always been this way!

For most of life I was the shy one. Raised ‘to be seen not heard’, I learned to avoid trouble by behaving and remaining silent. The downside was a lack of confidence and extremely low self-esteem. Always afraid of making a mistake, I was scared to stand out or speak up. However, there was an upside. The many hours I spent watching people conversing, observing their mannerisms, body language and most of all listening to the stories they shared. Often stories of everyday life and events, they always held me enthralled.

This was the beginning of a lifelong commitment to learning and understanding the art of communication and storytelling.

In 2007 I travelled to Florida, USA where I enrolled in a training program for Speakers conducted by World Champions of Public Speaking: Darren La Croix, Craig Valentine, Ed Tate and Mark Brown.

It was the best professional decision I could have made for myself and for my business. It taught me a valuable lesson: if you want to be a champion, learn from the champions.

Immediately I realised speaking and storytelling would be my career. This led me to complete further training in the United States – Arizona in 2008 and Las Vegas in 2014.

In 2009 I became the first Australian to be a Certified World Class Professional Speech Coach. I have specialised in signature stories that better sell my clients and help each person to uncover the deeper meaning of their story.

Today, I coach clients in many countries around the world. My passion is to assist clients to uncover the profound message of their unique story and use this as a base to create a dynamic and memorable Signature Story that connects to any audience.

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Jennifer Leone has worked with people in business, education, marketing and sales who are looking for help telling their Signature Story memorably, and is known as one a top ‘public speaking coach Australia’. Take a look at what these clients have to say about Jennifer Leone, the Speaker’s Coach.

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Professional Member of Professional Speakers Association of Australia

Member of the Global Speakers Federation

Member of Storytelling Guild of Australia

Member of Toastmasters for over 20 years

On the faculty of Stage Time University as a Certified Professional Speech Coach

Certified World Class Speech Coach

DeMartini Method Facilitator

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